1. Solivagant (Original Mix)

  2. Motionless (Mix EP)

  3. Higher Ground (Bassology Mix)

  4. Creation, Experience and Love (The Ballad EP)

  5. Nothing Without Me (504 Reprise Mix)
    Markus Schulz

  6. Make the Beat Drop (Make It Boom Mix)

  7. Scapegrace (Original Roots Mix)

  8. Dystopia (504 Club Mix)

  9. Children (504 Club Mix)
    Robert Miles

  10. All I Am
    Tears of Technology & Serenity

  11. Crossfire (504 Club Mix)

  12. I Can Feel It (Dan the Man's 2012 Mix)

  13. Forgive Me (504 Club Mix)
    Tears of Technology feat Serenity

  14. Tomorrow (504 Club Mix)
    New Orleans' Dan the Man

  15. Solus (504 Mix)
    New Orleans' Dan the Man

  16. Emphasis

  17. Built for This (504 Club Mix)
    Method Man ft. Freddie Gibbs & Street Live

  18. I See Stars Like a G6 (Dirty South Mash Up)
    DJ Defkline & Red Polo vs Ford & Robin Fox

  19. Empathy (504 Club Mix)

  20. Higher (Original Mix)
    Tears of Technology & Serenity

  21. Higher (504 Club Mix)
    Tears of Technology & Serenity

  22. Feel Me Now

  23. Killing in My Name (504 Club Mix)

  24. No Tears (504 Club Mix)
    DJ Keri

  25. Time Time (504 Club Mix)
    DJ Keri & Dark Deejay

  26. Can't Rescue You (504 Club Mix)
    Shawn Davis & Serenity

  27. Technology (Original Mix)

  28. The Epitome (504 Club Mix)

  29. The Epitome (Uptown Candlelight Mix)

  30. Take America Back (You Are Free Club Mix)
    2Da West

  31. Give It All You Got (Booty Breaks Mix)
    Afro Rican

  32. Just a Dream (504 Club Mix)

  33. What U Think (I Been Doin')

  34. Alone (504 Club Mix)
    Jasper Forks

  35. Terminus

  36. Motionless (504 Club Mix)
    Ahura Feat Nyokee

  37. Titanium (Cut Me Down Mix)
    David Guetta Ft. Sia

  38. Egypt (504 Old School Mix)
    Egyptian Lover

  39. Picking Up the Pieces (504 Club Mix)
    Paloma Faith

  40. This Is How I Cry

  41. Spiritual Revolution (2013)


Tears of Technology New Orleans, Louisiana

Tears of Technology is an EDM musician / producer who is inspired by such artists as Ford, Infiniti, Kyper, Robert Miles & Tony Faline to just name a few. His style is a mixture of Breakbeat & Trance. The Tears has over a decade of experience in what is known as "vocal breaks" or Neo Freestyle as some refer to it. He also produces other breakbeat styled genres such as eHop (Electro Hop) & Electro ... more

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